Womens Wide Shoes Insight

Womens wide shoes are for women who have a problem finding a shoe that fit easily. It’s actually a common problem among women of all races and that’s why shoe makers started making wide womens shoes.

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Other Reasons for Womens Wide Shoes

  • Bunions. It’s very uncomfortable and painful to walk with tight shoes when you have bunions. Wide shoes that give the big toe joint room to breathe help relieve the pain and discourage the development of bunions.
  • Diabetes. Women who have diabetes swell some places especially legs so they should wear wide shoes.
  • Deformed toes and hammertoes. The best shoe for these conditions is stretchable or orthopedic shoes that don’t touch the toes.
  • Pregnancy. Some women have swollen feet or edema when they are on their second and third trimester so they should invest in a couple of extra wide womens shoes.

There are other problems that require women to wear wide shoes like Mortons neuroma, old age and others. The idea is to know the problem and find the best shoe for it.

Where To Find Extra Wide Womens Shoes
Why Women with Wide Feet Don’t Find Fitting Shoes

  • Most women don’t know that there are wide shoes available so they don’t ask. They only know their size and they buy a larger size.
  • It’s costly for a shoe factory to make shoes that are wide. It takes more materials and special skills in making wider shoes and even customized shoes to fit extra wide feet.
  • Shoe companies want to make stylish shoes and it’s hard to make a stylish wide shoe.
  • Fear of shoe companies to ruin their relationship with shoe factories when they push them to make wider shoes.
  • They don’t want to be left with unsold inventory because most women have tiny legs and it’s only a small percentage that has wide legs.

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How to Select the Right Shoe Width

  • Women should know that knowing your shoe size only is not enough they should know their width as well. Most shoes come with labels and wide shoes have letters E. The more letters it has the wider the shoe. Knowing this will help you order the right size.
  • They should also ask the retailers for the exact shoe they want and not settle just because they can’t see them on display. Most shops don’t display wide shoes but they have them in stock so ask.
  • Because most feet are not uniform, always buy the shoe size that is comfortable on the bigger foot. Your dominant foot is usually bigger. If you are right handed, chances are you also have a dominant right foot and vice versa to the other side.
  • Avoid high heels because most womens wide shoes are either heavy or have a medical condition. They also tend to be narrow and uncomfortable. High heels also adds pressure to the toes of the foot making it more difficult for women with wide toe opening to walk comfortably in tight fitting shoes.

Stylish Red Wide Width Womens Shoes

Wide width womens shoes are available so you shouldn’t settle for an uncomfortable shoe. Today they also make them looking stylish and elegant with blings on them and open toes. The idea is not to have bunions and sore feet in the evening and enjoy your life. Remember the wrong shoe size can bring serious back problems so why don’t you forget about those super models that wear tiny shoes and choose the right shoe for you. Some of the most comfortable and elegant shoes around are propet shoes and they are the classic womens wide shoes. There are many other elements to mention but the above insight sheds light with this respect.

Choosing the Best Possible Shoes for Wide Feet

People with wide feet face a lot of trouble when buying shoes for themselves. They get shoes which fit the length of their feet but due to limited broadness, they are often left with very few choices. However, the new lines of shoe models launched by well-known companies are manufactured using advance technology and innovative designs.

Womens Comfort Shoes For Wide Feet

These new designs include the availability of shoes with customized width, making it easier for these people to pick the pair that would meet their preference. Shoes for wide feet are made with extra space in order to fit in the size of different feet. Whatever your size may be, there will always be a pair of shoes that can surely fit you perfectly. Shoes which properly fit the foot size are durable and can give better looks when worn.

 Mens Running Shoes For Wide Feet

Different options

Nowadays, several companies are into launching designer shoes for both men and women. These companies are making best of efforts to manufacture best shoes for wide feet so that broad-footed people can walk and run with ease. Shoes which are not properly fitted can end up giving sore toes or foot blisters. One just cannot do without proper shoes for a long period of time. Shoes have to be of good quality and fitting. Good thing, Propet shoes are available over the internet to meet different requirements of different people from all walks of life.

It has been seen that some of the running shoes for wide feet are made up of interchangeable and customizable saddle straps. Such shoes are not just about comfort or looks as they are also made up of high quality materials. Some of the shoes for wide feet are manufactured using full-grain-leather and are 100% water resistant. The stability of such branded shoes is incredibly good. You are sure to get not only stylish designs but optimal support and other great features, as well.

Womens Keen Best Shoes For Wide Feet

Features and benefits

The power-platform flex of the running shows for wide feet provides excellent balance and great traction to the wearer. One must consider ordering half-size bigger shoe model because at times sport shoes sizes run out to be smaller. The specialized shoe models allow the feet to breathe by precluding all sorts of fungal infections possible. Even if the player is playing basketball or golf over the wet course, then such shoes tend to get quickly drained and dried. The outsoles of the shoes are made up of integrated traction and phylite. One is sure to feel the difference after using branded shoes for wide feet.

There are immense color options available for cute shoes for wide feet. One can select one`s favorite color and suitable style before placing the order. Several colors including white, purple, black, blue, silver accents and metallic colors are available over the internet. The shoes render additional stability to ankle and are pretty light in weight. Some of the shoes can even be purchased with additional discounts and free shipping from the reliable web portals. Different sizes and models of sport shoes for wide feet are used by high school and college teams during sport matches. The shoes are perfect for players who desire comfort along with style. If you want the best one, look for the following features:

  • Proper fitting
  • Different colour options
  • Different styles
  • Good quality outsoles
  • Proper insoles for absorbing jerks and shocks while playing
  • Preventing any sort of foot or ankle ache
  • Preventing foot odor and sores


Womens Cute Shoes For Wide Feet

Shoes for every foot size

With the continuous innovation and manufacturing of different shoe variations, consumers are rest assured to have the right shoes regardless of their size and preference. Remember to choose the materials carefully, along with other factors such as breathability, durability and affordability.

Valuable information about Extra Wide Shoes

There are lots of guys in the world who are very tall and have long feet. For such men with extra growth, it’s always difficult to find right size in everything. Getting it customized was the only option earlier. But with latest trend and higher demand for extra wide shoes, some of the popular brands like Propet shoes have introduced high fashioned, style and trendy shoes with extra width in the market.

Mens Extra Wide Shoes

Buying Guide

If this is your first time to consider buying extra wide footwear, you would love to know exactly how and where to start. To help you get started, here are some tips to find the best mens extra wide shoes in the market:

  • Shoebuy: it is considered as one of the best website to find extra wide shoes especially for men with various sizes than normal ones for cheap price. They offer wide shoes from various popular brands such as, Sperry, Rockport, balance and Florsheim. Shoebuy is a very popular place to find extra wide size shoes for affordable price over the internet. Any guys with extra wide feet do not have to compromise while choosing the size over this website.
  • Online shoes: if a person with extra wide feet is looking for some fine collections then online shoes is the ideal place. One can easily find perfect size shoes and the best part is with wide range of inventory. For all those wide feet guys with brand consciousness, this website would be like shoe palace.
  • Hitchcock shoes: if a person with wide feet is looking for some shoes then this place can offer shoes for all occasions. No matter if its casual wear, office wear, athletic wear or party wears. This is the ideal place for men to find extra wide shoes. This website offers mesmerizing collection of sizes even up to 6E.
  • Zappos: If a person is looking for any size, no matter if its EE, 2E or even the largest 9E, every size can be found in this site and that’s the beauty of it. Shoes for all occasions can also be acquired very easily in this shoe palace.


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Top Picks on Extra Wide Womens Shoes

It’s very difficult for women to find extra size shoes in the market. The ideal place to purchase the extra size shoes for women would be on online shopping websites. The reason being very simple, as there is not much of demand, the extra wide shoes – especially for women with wide feet- are not manufactured like regular ones. However, some brands have started offering wide shoes especially for women. Some of the leading brands that get the most positive remarks in several fashion review websites and shopping networks include the following:

Sexy Red Extra Wide Womens Shoes

  • Maryland Square: It is one of the top websites that offer a vast array of women shoes that come in the most exciting designs, colors, styles, and prices.
  • Shoes.com: This site will bring you to a great place to make the dream come true of finding extra wide size shoes for women.
  • Lane Bryant Catalogue: This trademark is one of the mesmerizing inventories with exquisite collection of shoes with extra width especially for women.

Reebok Extra Wide Toddler Shoes

If one is looking for extra wide toddler shoes then there are some popular brands such as Stride Rite and See Kai Run that have added some cool and wide shoes for toddlers in their shoe collections. The shoes from these brands are available for both girls and boys. There are sizes starting from 62 cm for 6-9 year toddler shoes with mesmerizing designs and patterns.

Extra Comfy Wide Shoes for Women

Are you women in need of elegant and unbelievably comfortable pair of shoes? If yes, then wide shoes for women are especially meant for you. Walking and running can really help you stay fit for life; provided that you have comfortable pair of shoes just like an awesome pair of Propet shoes. These wonderful shoes are not only comfortable, but also very lightweight. You would definitely love to have and wear these shoes all the time.

Flat Wide Width Shoes For Women

Why Should You Buy A Good Pair Of Wide Shoes For Women?

Propets were basically launched with intent in the mind to provide comfort, cost-effectiveness and durability all at the same time. The extra width of this pair of shoes can really make walking experience for a woman truly amazing and unforgettable. Similarly, wideness means that it fits well to almost any feet. These shoes are ideal for those ladies who always find it difficult to have a perfectly adjusted and fit pair of shoes in the market at times they need to dress up for a special occasion.

How do Wide Shoes Help Overweight Women?

If you are a woman having trouble finding a comfy pair of shoes, then extra wide shoes for women are worth trying for you. These shoes can help you in following ways.

  • This pair of boots can help you achieve perfect balance for walking or running as well.
  • Due to lightweight you don’t feel any pain around your ankles or under your feet. No chance of blisters or boils due to softness and extra grip of these shoes.
  • In addition, they can also help you lose weight as well for being able to walk or jog for longer distances without any discomfort of pain.
  • With proper lacing you can also avoid having other foot problems such as heel spillage, discomfort of toes, and the likes. These boots are unmatched and unparalleled compared with any other pair of shoes.


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Good News: Miraculous Shoes for Diabetics

For a diabetic person it is very important to keep an eye on their even very minor problems. These shoes are just perfect for diabetic people because of the health benefits they can give. With all of their softness and comfort these Propets can help you avoid diabetic foot disease. They can help a diabetic patient walk properly without any muscular pain or physical fatigue. They can also help them to maintain balance during normal walk or even at work.

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Advantages of Wearing Wide Width Shoes for Women

A pair of wide shoes for women can provide following advantages to you and your loved ones as well.

  • These shoes have extra wide width; therefore, they provide extra comfort and more stretch-ability once you get to wear them. This will enable you to enjoy every bit of your daily plethora of jogging or exercising routine.
  • Wide dress shoes for women are not only durable, but also enhance your overall personality by providing you extra confidence.
  • Almost every woman, especially house wives, in this modern world is very concerned about the higher prices of the different commodities. The good news is, this isn’t the case with this pair of exotic shoes. So along with comfort and durability, you also save your hard earned money.
  • Finally, you can say that wide shoes are ideally made for those women who are uncomfortable or unhappy with ordinary shoes.


Red Extra Wide Shoes For Women


As you can fairly see, there are tons of amazing benefits to wide shoes for women, apart from being stylish and comfortable. Because of these, there should be no more reason for you to not grab your own pair today.