Features That Define Stylish Walking Shoes

Did you know that your frequent back aches could have a direct link to the kind of shoes you wear? Thing is, your shoes should give your back the support it needs when walking and standing. That is why you cannot put on high heels and walk for a long time. But have no worries at all if you are about to shop for stylish walking shoes. Shoe stores are awash with them and what’s more, they come in affordable prices. You only have to consider the following tips before buying your stylish walking shoes.

Womens Good Stylish Teva Walking Shoes

Choosing the right sole

There is a wide misconception that flat soles shoes are the best for walking. This is far and couldn’t be any further from the truth. Flat shoes are only good for one thing; working.  Doctors recommend going for a one and a half inch heels. The reason is simple. High heels compromise body alignment and make one susceptible to back pains.  They also change the center of gravity and exacerbate back pains. Mid heel shoes on the other hand makes body balancing easy. It supports your back and heels and allows you to walk for long without feeling tired. Keep in mind that not all soles are recommended.  Rubber will always remain as the best sole material. Avoid plastic shoe soles as much as possible.

Trendy and Stylish Walking Shoes

Brand is not just a name

Any fashion designer will tell you for free that the best stylish walking shoes are from brands like Propet shoes.  They take into consideration subtle but extremely important factors like arch types and different types of feet that people have. This is exactly the reason why you should choose shoes that are offered by trusted and reputable brands. Others consider brands that have been in existence for a considerable amount of time, while others decide to give those new names a try. Whatever your preference maybe, it would help to read about different reviews of several brands first before purchasing. Doing this will help you have an idea as to what kind of shoes they are offering and which one should be the best for you.

All About The Best Stylish Walking Shoes

Weight also matters

This is pretty much obvious. Good or rather stylish walking shoes should be light to make comfort possible.  They should also have gel pads that reduce impact each time your feet come in contact with the ground.


Knowing more about the toe box

You may not know it but the most comfortable stylish walking shoes feature toe box areas that give room for your toes to move while walking. A toe box that is not spacious and high enough can only aggravate hammertoes and bunions.

Ladies Comfortable Stylish Walking Shoes

Find out what your arch type is

This refers to how your tendons, ligaments and other muscles are aligned. They adapt differently each time you walk, depending on the kind of walking shoes you have on. You must therefore be keen enough to choose good stylish walking shoes that can easily accommodate your arch type, which can fall into any of the following categories:

  • Neutral arch
  • Low arch
  • High arch

Ask your shoe vendor for more info on how you can identify your arch type and the appropriate walking shoes that can complement them.

Substandard walking shoes can cost you your back. Take your time to find out more about your feet and the best walking shoes. This may not be a downhill task but in the end, you will be glad that you found stylish walking shoes that offer you more than just value for money.  Remember too that you will have to take good care of your walking shoes once you have them.