Secrets of Shopping for Large Women’s Shoes

It is disheartening that finding a shoe size larger than 8 or 9 is often tricky for women. Shopping for large womens shoes is simply a nightmare- and it shouldn’t be at all. Even for the few chances where one finds them, they are typically not in fashionable and trendy styles like smaller sizes. Strangely, this is not the fault of shoe manufacturers. So who is to blame?

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Pointing Fingers

Shoe manufacturers often produce large womens shoes in great numbers. They are aware that out there exists women with large feet. That is exactly why they produce large womens shoes in size twelve or even thirteen that look identical to size five women’s shoes.  The blame rests solely on shoe stores. Discount stores and chain shoe stores are the worst (for lack of a better word) when it comes to shopping for large size women’s shoes. They just don’t order them. Understand this first and you won’t have a problem the next time you are out there shopping for large womens shoes.

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The Solution That Makes Sense

Consider privately owned shoe stores in your neighbourhood or read. The kind of store where the gentleman sitting in front of you and measuring your feet while gently placing the shoes on your feet is the actual store owner! It sounds like full service stores, which unknown to many, still exist. Take time to personally talk to the store owner and tell him or her about your shoe size. The owner will be more than pleased to serve you and will even order more womens large size shoes just for you.

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Shop Online

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a size eight or size thirteen or even the rare Propet shoes. You can, and will always find them online. What’s more, you will always find the shoe size as well as shoe color of your choice. The only setback will be the fact that you cannot fit what you are ordering online, so you have no choice but to be 100% sure about your shoe size. As such, be sure to check such things as the return policy and refund of the online store you wish to shop from.

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Online Vs Privately Owned Shoe Stores

They are both equally good, because they save time and in some cases, money. The fact that no one ever considers privately owned stores when shopping for womens large shoes should not dampen your desire to look for shoes that fit you well. At the end of the day, you have to look good like everyone else or even better.

Shopping for large size womens shoes was an uphill task a decade ago. That’s not the case anymore. You may not know it but there are actually stores both online and offline that specialize in large size women’s shoes only. Finding such stores is not hard. You only need to spare some time to surf online and find them. Just remember to exercise caution to ensure that you don’t get ripped off and that you get value for your money. Always look for a money back guarantee for every item that you choose. This way, you maintain a healthy relationship between you and the store that you bought the shoes. There will come a time that errors are made by the store or from you during the purchase. This situation are unavoidable regardless if you’ve been using the preferred shopping route. What is important is that at the end of the say, you are happy that you made the perfect choice for your footwear and offers you the chance to own stylish look just like other women with smaller shoe size.