Valuable information about Extra Wide Shoes

There are lots of guys in the world who are very tall and have long feet. For such men with extra growth, it’s always difficult to find right size in everything. Getting it customized was the only option earlier. But with latest trend and higher demand for extra wide shoes, some of the popular brands like Propet shoes have introduced high fashioned, style and trendy shoes with extra width in the market.

Mens Extra Wide Shoes

Buying Guide

If this is your first time to consider buying extra wide footwear, you would love to know exactly how and where to start. To help you get started, here are some tips to find the best mens extra wide shoes in the market:

  • Shoebuy: it is considered as one of the best website to find extra wide shoes especially for men with various sizes than normal ones for cheap price. They offer wide shoes from various popular brands such as, Sperry, Rockport, balance and Florsheim. Shoebuy is a very popular place to find extra wide size shoes for affordable price over the internet. Any guys with extra wide feet do not have to compromise while choosing the size over this website.
  • Online shoes: if a person with extra wide feet is looking for some fine collections then online shoes is the ideal place. One can easily find perfect size shoes and the best part is with wide range of inventory. For all those wide feet guys with brand consciousness, this website would be like shoe palace.
  • Hitchcock shoes: if a person with wide feet is looking for some shoes then this place can offer shoes for all occasions. No matter if its casual wear, office wear, athletic wear or party wears. This is the ideal place for men to find extra wide shoes. This website offers mesmerizing collection of sizes even up to 6E.
  • Zappos: If a person is looking for any size, no matter if its EE, 2E or even the largest 9E, every size can be found in this site and that’s the beauty of it. Shoes for all occasions can also be acquired very easily in this shoe palace.


Roamers Black Mens Extra Wide Shoes

Top Picks on Extra Wide Womens Shoes

It’s very difficult for women to find extra size shoes in the market. The ideal place to purchase the extra size shoes for women would be on online shopping websites. The reason being very simple, as there is not much of demand, the extra wide shoes – especially for women with wide feet- are not manufactured like regular ones. However, some brands have started offering wide shoes especially for women. Some of the leading brands that get the most positive remarks in several fashion review websites and shopping networks include the following:

Sexy Red Extra Wide Womens Shoes

  • Maryland Square: It is one of the top websites that offer a vast array of women shoes that come in the most exciting designs, colors, styles, and prices.
  • This site will bring you to a great place to make the dream come true of finding extra wide size shoes for women.
  • Lane Bryant Catalogue: This trademark is one of the mesmerizing inventories with exquisite collection of shoes with extra width especially for women.

Reebok Extra Wide Toddler Shoes

If one is looking for extra wide toddler shoes then there are some popular brands such as Stride Rite and See Kai Run that have added some cool and wide shoes for toddlers in their shoe collections. The shoes from these brands are available for both girls and boys. There are sizes starting from 62 cm for 6-9 year toddler shoes with mesmerizing designs and patterns.