A Complete Guide on How to Choose Dress Shoes

Shoes worn at formal events are also known as dress shoes. These shoes are used in the dance parties and for several other special occasions. The standard daily pair of mens dress shoes is either brown or black. White, burgundy and chestnut are some of the other commonly used colors. If you are currently searching for a pair or two of these shoes, you have come to the right place. Take a look at the things to be taken care of while purchasing these shoes.

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Materials used

The quality of shoes, whether it is mens or womens dress shoes, depends on the material from which they are made up of. Of course, you ideally want your shoes to be of high quality. Handmade shoes are made either from patent leather, calf leather, canvas, lizard or ostrich skin. If you are going for patent leather shoes, choose a silky finish in patent leather. Grain in leather and uniform dyeing will be the best choice. These are preferred because of their robust linings made of strong organic materials. These shoes are ultra comfortable, can absorb perspiration and are flexible.

Check for the heels

Do not forget to check the heels of the footwear. High standard shoes are made from leather stacked whereas the high heels of womens or girls dress shoes are made with a good grade plastic which may be covered either with fabrics or with leather. Men usually prefer flat shoes while women may go for high heels depending on their preference and purpose of wearing.

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Choosing a specific style or design

If you are fashion conscious then you should know that first class dress shoes are much better in design in comparison to other shoes. There are some shoes which display an ultra classic style and can be worn with any of the garments that you put on. The design of the shoes must reflect the tag of the brand that it carries. Classic designs are proven to be a timeless investment that anyone can wear on almost every occasion.

Always remember that there are some low-quality shoes which are imitations of high standard foot wears. You should be careful of these shoes if you do not want to compromise on quality. Low quality shoes can be easily found, these are cheaper and cannot match the quality of branded shoes. For shoes that you can wear on special occasions, it is highly advised to go for better quality so you can use the shoes for a longer period of time.

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Comfort level

The best quality shoes have a trademark – high comfort level. Low quality shoes are available at cheap rates but those who do not want to shell out more in buying high quality branded shoes have to bear with the inferior quality of these shoes. These shoes are often still, cannot absorb perspiration and uncomfortable. On the contrary, high quality shoes are ultra comfortable.


High quality shoes are most often handmade. These shoes are made meticulously. You would be able to see that the stitches of the shoes are not at all visible and are very fine.

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Final thought

Wearing comfortable and high quality dress shoes makes you feel great. If comfort is your top most priority then Propet shoes would be the best buy for you. These shoes provide you high levels of comfort and are available in different sizes. In long and short, if you had a hard time in purchasing just the right pair of shoes for yourself then look no further. Branded and high quality pair of dress shoes would be an excellent purchase if you want to get the best value for your money.

Tips to use in Buying the best women dress shoes

The process of purchasing the smart women dress shoes could be tiresome if you do not know the process. The shoes are not sold at high prices. Some tips can help you in saving some money as you buy the women dress shoes.

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Having a number of them in the wardrobe will really help you when you have little time to spend in buying or looking for them.

  • A better way in which you could get them is by talking to your friends or neighbors. They can tell you the place to get them or sell you the ones that they bought earlier.
  • By this you can be sure to get the shoe that you need. To maintain them you will only need to wash them and also polish them.
  • If you are not contented with that you can choose to visit the sellers of women dress shoes. The sellers have the different sizes and styles to suit every need of the customer.


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Points to keep in mind when selecting propet shoes

  • The propet shoes could also be called the boots. You do not just bump into one and decide that it is the best for you.
  • Some of the things that you may need to consider is your age. This will highly determine the choice you make. Another thing that you could consider is the time of the year or the season.
  • This is important because you do not need to be disappointed when you are dressed up and you feel very cold or hot in the boots.
  • Also you will be needed to examine the kind of events that you will have to wear. To add on that you will also be needed to think of your modesty levels. This is among the things that will act as a guide on the existing fashion trends. Do not forget the different styles of skirt that match with the boots.


Black dress shoes for women

  • The black dress shoes for women are one of the things you can never miss in the ladies wardrobe.
  • Before you buy the shoes try them on to ensure that they fit you well and you are really comfortable in it. Do not be in a rush walk around until you find the most comfortable one to walk in. This will save your money.
  • When you wear them with the best dress they bring a unique style in the dressing code. This becomes appealing to the eye and many people will try to adopt the code.


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White dress shoes for women

These white dress shoes for women are also available in the boutiques. Their prices might not be the same as the black colored ones. Ensure that you go for the ones that you can walk in with no difficulty. Since white is a neutral color it matches with every kind of dress.

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Dress shoes for women

  • Not all the women feel comfortable in the dress shoes for women. This is why it is necessary for every kind of woman to have the most comfortable shoes in her wardrobe.
  • Since every one admires a different style, everyone knows what can be best for her dressing code. Ensure you buy the shoes that cannot make you have bunions, corns and calluses.


Dress shoes

Dress shoes help complete your code of dressing. They look smart if you choose the best ones. They are important to have when you work in a corporate office or if you deal with highly recognized people in business and government. Dress shoes are part of strict formal attire for business and official gatherings. You may want to have at least one pair in your closet in case you will need to appear in strict business attire at some point in your life.

Dress Shoes for Women

Women have a tendency for matching their outfit basically from the head and all the way down. Dress shoes for women are no exception since they either match or strive to complement the outfit and, in most cases, the dress worn by a woman. The type of shoes worn to match the dress differs depending on the type of dress worn, fashion, designer or brand, color of the dress, the woman’s preferences and even the fashion advisors on what should actually rhyme with what.

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Types of dress shoes for women

There are quite a number of different types of dress shoes for women ranging from design, color to the material used to make them. Based on design, they include:

  • High-heeled loafers
  • Flat loafers
  • Pumps
  • Peep toes flats
  • Peep toe high heels
  • Boots
  • Prom shoes
  • Wedges


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Propet shoes

Whichever make one decides to go for, the preference, is what counts. In most cases, the colors do matter most and speak loudest in preference to the dress worn by a woman. When it comes to color of shoes, there are a few things worth knowing. Propet shoes are renowned for their variety of types of shoes they make for men, women and children. They specialize in making comfortable walking shoes and has been popular in the footwear industry because of this.

White dress shoes for women

White color speaks volumes about the wearer. It is a symbol of peace, shows cleanliness, freshness and brings out a feeling of royalty. White dress shoes for women are however very delicate when it comes to stains. A stained shoe might ruin your day especially if you are planning to show off what you got. If you are planning to go for white dress shoes, then you better be ready to put some energy in maintenance. They go well for casual and informal functions and activities as compared to formal and official functions and activities.

Stylish Sexy White Dress Shoes For Women

Black dress shoes for women

Black color represents a somber mood and dullness. Wearing black dress shoes for women with a black dress is a sign of mourning and sad moments. A lady with such dark outfit can also mean sophistication and power. Sometimes, black is a classic color of high fashion, chic and elegance. Black shoes are multipurpose. This means you can wear them just on any function. Be it work, church, meetings, dates and much more. And of course they are all weather. As much as they need proper care and maintenance, not much effort will be used in cleaning and maintaining the black color shoes.

Silver dress shoes for women

Silver brings in this shiny mood to you. The glamour that comes with it is amazing. Party lovers and fun lovers of all sheer and glamour definitely go for it. If you want a flashy look, then you are bound for silver dress shoes for women to go with that dress of yours. However, just like the white colored shoes, you need to be careful and give the pair a good treat and care that is if you want them to last longer and do some service to you.

Stylish Design Silver Dress Shoes For Women

It is quite clear that women have a wide variety of dress shoes for women to go with whatever dress they are wearing ranging from colors, shapes, designs and even material. Which one to pick for your dresses is entirely your decision. As a woman of fine taste, you know very well what suits you best and what looks good on you. When wearing these highly formal shoes, make sure to also wear that confidence to bring justice to the shoes and the dress you are wearing. Nothing beats the a aura of a confident woman passing by.