Mens Slip on Shoes Buying Guide

The weekend is finally upon you.  You just want to get into your favorite casual attire from head to toe and head out for a drive.  You take a look at your shoe rack and you do not even for a second like what you see.  Your collection of casual shoes are just too outdated and do not even match with your casual pants and t-shirts.  That’s when you realize that you have never given mens slip on shoes a thought. You quickly head out in search of mens slip on shoes but there is a problem; a big problem. You do not know how to shop for the shoes, what to consider and how much to spend. Relax and take it easy. The following tips will come to your rescue and save you from that bad shoe day.

Quality Mens Slip On Shoes


Men are used to leather more than all the other materials. The reason is simple. Leather shoes last for long. But unlike all the other materials leather shoes are often expensive.   There are several affordable mens leather slip on shoes, though most of them are of average quality.  As you choose the kind of material, don’t forget to consider other related factors such as comfort and flexibility. These are things that you cannot ignore especially if you are the type of person who is always after longevity and good quality. Brands like Propet shoes offer the right solution in that regard, thanks to their value priced and durable leather slip on shoes for men.

Casual Mens Canvas Slip On Shoes

Canvas or suede?

It is very easy to get spoilt for choice when it comes to making a choice between canvas and suede. The latter has an alluring look while the former is often the icing on the cake on any cool casual attire.  You would be lucky to get mens slip on shoes that have blended these two materials.  That happens rarely and again, might cost you a fortune. Good mens canvas slip on shoes are actually cheaper than mens suede slip on shoes. Some would argue that canvas is inferior to suede but at the end of the day, suede takes the medal because of the treat it gives your eyes.  Other materials such as denim are not as popular though they are just as good as suede and canvas.

Chealsea Black Mens Suede Slip On Shoes


Don’t worry about colors because mens slip on shoes come in different shades that you can possibly imagine.  You can get just about any color of men’s slip on shoes at prices you can surely afford.  Some of these colors include:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • White
  • Brown

It is therefore entirely up to you to find colors that you can match your pants and t-shirts with. If for any reason you are on a tight budget, stick to black. Black slip on shoes are extremely affordable compared to other colors and like already hinted, can match most outfits. They also come in various styles and designs, making it even easier for anyone to pick one that would specifically cater to his needs and preference.

Trendy and Stylish Mens Leather Slip On Shoes

Completing your shoe collection

You need slip on shoes to have a complete shoe rack.  They are cheap, easy to handle and most importantly, comfortable. But like most good things in life, you have to be careful when shopping for them. Stick to reputable shoe vendors online who have clear return policies.  Then make sure that you go for your ideal shoe size. Don’t go for anything too small or too big. Go for just the right size to make your walk comfortable. If you are shopping online, make it a habit to compare different prices and offers from various websites first before finally deciding.