The Best Way to Clean and Care for Men’s Suede Shoes

Mens suede shoes have become very common since the year they were first made available to the general public. And because more and more manufacturers are sprouting in the market, they have also become available in different fashionable designs and styles. Currently available are men’s suede boots, suede sneakers as well as suede dress shoes. Mens black suede shoes have particularly become a must have for many men who love fashion. One good thing about these types of shoes is the fact that they can easily be paired with any dress, whether it is formal or casual. In short, men’s black suede shoes make it very easy to become elegantly fashionable.

Casual Mens Black Moccasin Suede Shoes

Steps on Proper Cleaning of Mens Suede Shoes

Keeping a pair of suede shoes in excellent condition is very important; especially if you want the shoes to last for many years to come. In spite of the popular opinion that cleaning suede shoes is usually tiresome, truth is cleaning men’s suede shoes is very simple and manageable just like cleaning Propet shoes.


Below is an overview of how to properly clean your favorite pair of suede shoes:

  • When cleaning using water, it is important that you understand that water usually leaves stains, uncalled for-unwanted marks all over, when used to clean suede shoes. This being the case, it is strongly advised that you first off rap your shoes using paper, preferably newspaper. Doing so is very important because it will help make sure that the shoes do not lose their shape after the cleaning process. Take note, this step is has absolutely nothing to do with the removal of stains.

  • Next, take a clean soft rag and then dip it into clean water and then use it to gently dust off the shoes of dust. Take care not to use excess water. Once you are done, let your shoes to dry off and then after sometime when you have confirmed they are properly dry, brush them to get rid of any stains which may have been left behind by the water / rag used to clean. This same process applies when cleaning any other type of suede shoes; can be mens blue suede shoes or mens brown suede shoes.

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  • In case you’re the shoes have stains all over, get hold of a simple shoe brush with very soft bristles. Use this brush to brush off any stains whenever they accumulate on the shoes. Good news is, at the moment there are special suede brushes specifically meant to help clean shoes properly. Used this type of brush since it serves as a guarantee to clean your shoes in the best manner possible. 

  • For stronger stains, refrain from using tough brushes. Instead, use the suede eraser which is recommended and has even proven to work for tough stains on men’s suede shoes. The best thing about the suede eraser is the fact that it serves as a guarantee to clean off even the toughest stains. In short, it serves as a guarantee for perfect suede looks each time it is used for cleaning.

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Bottom Line

The beauty of suede shoes lies in the condition of the material. Clean looking suede shoes not only complement the overall look; but also bring out the stylishly unique look achieved from the blend of modern fashion items matched with the suede shoes. Keeping this in mind, take it upon yourself to make sure that you take advantage of the above mens suede shoes cleaning tips; which in turn will help make sure that you enjoy wearing your suede shoes regardless of the attire or fashion accessory that it is matched with.