Looking Good in Purple Shoes for Women

Tan, black, white and to some extent silver are some of the most common shoe colors that women adore. Of course there are those brave ones who can dare spot anything, even if it means a serious case of color blocking or looking like a rainbow. That does not have to happen to you if you want to look fabulous or stylish as modern women like to state.

Nike Purple Shoes For Women

Try purple shoes for women and you might just be surprised with how fashionable you can instantly be. The key here is just to know how to pick the perfect pair that will compliment your personality and type of outfit. If you think purple shoes are hard to wear, think again. There are more than enough fashion ideas that you can consider to rock this color anytime you feel like wearing it.


Why purple?

You must have heard that the color purple signifies virtues like compassion and sensitivity. It is true, so adding a purple shoe on your rack can be more than just a mere fashion statement. What matters at the end of the day is looking good. Purple too, can easily go well with other light colors. It can also go well with black, white and navy blue. You can keep on trying new combinations till you find that perfect mix and much look.

Elegant Purple Dress Shoes For Women

Different shades of purple

Just like red, green and blue, purple has some sort of variation that can be tricky for a first time purple shoe buyer.  This should not worry you so much because some brands like Propet shoes often have the best variations of the color purple. They can make your day a little bit less hectic. Some of the best variations you can go for include:

  • Bright Lavender
  • Dark Lavender
  • Electric Purple
  • Dark Pastel Purple



It all depends with what you like. Suede is becoming common, so there is no harm in trying suede purple shoes for women. There is however one disclaimer. Suede purple shoes for women are not easy to shop for. You have to first find out if you can easily get the suede. Stick to leather if you have to, or if you are much more into a casual look, denim purple flat shoes will make your day.

Petite Purple Flat Shoes For Women

Your height

Have no worries if you are not as tall as your friends. There are several purple high heel shoes for women that can make you look just as tall. Try them with your favorite prom dress and see how elegant and alluring you will look. You can also try purple dress shoes for women.  If on the other hand you are comfortable with your height, then it goes without saying that your best bet would be purple flat shoes for women.

Christian Louboutin Purple High Heel Shoes For Women

Taking care of your purple shoes

This should not be hard if you have a sizeable shoe rack. The basic rule here is to never let your shoes pile on top of each other. Remember to also keep them away from direct sunlight. Should you have to wash them, don’t let them dry in the sun for way too long as this will make them susceptible to fading. Just hang them in the sun to drain excess water then later move them to a cool pace to dry on their own. This does not apply to suede shoes as they can always be left to dry in the sun for as long as it takes.

Don’t be too conservative with your shoe preferences. Be daring and try out new colors. It will be fun and more importantly, you will create a lasting impression with elegant purple shoes for women.