Womens Wide Shoes Insight

Womens wide shoes are for women who have a problem finding a shoe that fit easily. It’s actually a common problem among women of all races and that’s why shoe makers started making wide womens shoes.

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Other Reasons for Womens Wide Shoes

  • Bunions. It’s very uncomfortable and painful to walk with tight shoes when you have bunions. Wide shoes that give the big toe joint room to breathe help relieve the pain and discourage the development of bunions.
  • Diabetes. Women who have diabetes swell some places especially legs so they should wear wide shoes.
  • Deformed toes and hammertoes. The best shoe for these conditions is stretchable or orthopedic shoes that don’t touch the toes.
  • Pregnancy. Some women have swollen feet or edema when they are on their second and third trimester so they should invest in a couple of extra wide womens shoes.

There are other problems that require women to wear wide shoes like Mortons neuroma, old age and others. The idea is to know the problem and find the best shoe for it.

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Why Women with Wide Feet Don’t Find Fitting Shoes

  • Most women don’t know that there are wide shoes available so they don’t ask. They only know their size and they buy a larger size.
  • It’s costly for a shoe factory to make shoes that are wide. It takes more materials and special skills in making wider shoes and even customized shoes to fit extra wide feet.
  • Shoe companies want to make stylish shoes and it’s hard to make a stylish wide shoe.
  • Fear of shoe companies to ruin their relationship with shoe factories when they push them to make wider shoes.
  • They don’t want to be left with unsold inventory because most women have tiny legs and it’s only a small percentage that has wide legs.

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How to Select the Right Shoe Width

  • Women should know that knowing your shoe size only is not enough they should know their width as well. Most shoes come with labels and wide shoes have letters E. The more letters it has the wider the shoe. Knowing this will help you order the right size.
  • They should also ask the retailers for the exact shoe they want and not settle just because they can’t see them on display. Most shops don’t display wide shoes but they have them in stock so ask.
  • Because most feet are not uniform, always buy the shoe size that is comfortable on the bigger foot. Your dominant foot is usually bigger. If you are right handed, chances are you also have a dominant right foot and vice versa to the other side.
  • Avoid high heels because most womens wide shoes are either heavy or have a medical condition. They also tend to be narrow and uncomfortable. High heels also adds pressure to the toes of the foot making it more difficult for women with wide toe opening to walk comfortably in tight fitting shoes.

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Wide width womens shoes are available so you shouldn’t settle for an uncomfortable shoe. Today they also make them looking stylish and elegant with blings on them and open toes. The idea is not to have bunions and sore feet in the evening and enjoy your life. Remember the wrong shoe size can bring serious back problems so why don’t you forget about those super models that wear tiny shoes and choose the right shoe for you. Some of the most comfortable and elegant shoes around are propet shoes and they are the classic womens wide shoes. There are many other elements to mention but the above insight sheds light with this respect.