Basic Facts You Need to Know About Walking Shoes for Men

Walking is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit. It is relatively easy and convenient to do as well, compared to other types of exercises out there. Unfortunately, not so many people think so, though. For men who do, there is always one thing that emerges as a stumbling block – good and value priced walking shoes for men. 

Discover The Best Walking Shoes For Men

This is often the case because they do not know the types of good walking shoes for men available, as well as the different feet types.  One important thing to note is that not all shoes are created equal and the same. This is the reason why you need to closely look at different criteria and factors to consider before making a purchase.

Whats the Best Good Walking Shoes For Men

There are three types of walking shoes for men:

  • Motion control walking shoes
  • Trail walking shoes
  • Cushioned walking shoes


There are just two types of feet:

  • High arched
  • Flat feet

Fitness experts recommend that you only go for shoes meant for your feet. They state that some injuries are actually acquired because of wearing walking shoes that are not ideal for some specific foot types.  This is something that every person should know and understand. A good example is going for trail walking shoes while you have flat feet, which are susceptible to injuries and overpronation. In such cases, the best walking shoes for men that you can go for is motion control.  They will support your weight when walking and will ensure that you do not pick up avoidable injuries.

Cushioned walking shoes

They are extremely comfortable because they are fitted with pads inside. They can be worn by men who walk long distances in the name of keeping fit or just having fun.  They come in attractive designs, so you can still look good and feel comfortable while walking. Generally, you just need to choose a pair that has comfortable and durable cushioning so your feet can stand long walks and other similar activities without feeling irritated or swollen.

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Trail walking shoes

Talk about walking shoes for men and someone will finish your sentence with trail walking shoes. They are meant for walking over hard surfaces like rocks. They can also take on wet and extremely muddy terrains. They are among the most comfortable walking shoes for men because they have uniquely designed mid soles meant to offer extra support when walking.

Other types

It is easy to get tempted and sneak sneakers into the list. They are walking shoes for men too but as you may have guessed they are just way too simple. Men want good walking shoes that feature advanced craftsmanship and designs.  Either way, what really matters is that the kind of walking shoes you choose keep your heels intact and support your body weight with ease.  That is why your walking shoes should never miss the following:

  • Comfortable achilles notch
  • Toe box
  • Gel pad
  • Ankle color


Shop for Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Men

Quality first

It is important that you only buy walking shoes that will last for long; quality walking shoes that will serve their purpose well. This can be hard if for instance you are buying walking shoes for the first time. To simplify the shoe hunting mission and save time, observe the above mentioned factors or go for brands like Propet shoes.   It is a brand known for quality, more than anything else. In other words, there are some brands you can never go wrong with. You may be skeptic with the fact that branded walking shoes are costly but have your eyes on how long the shoe will last.

Features That Define Stylish Walking Shoes

Did you know that your frequent back aches could have a direct link to the kind of shoes you wear? Thing is, your shoes should give your back the support it needs when walking and standing. That is why you cannot put on high heels and walk for a long time. But have no worries at all if you are about to shop for stylish walking shoes. Shoe stores are awash with them and what’s more, they come in affordable prices. You only have to consider the following tips before buying your stylish walking shoes.

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Choosing the right sole

There is a wide misconception that flat soles shoes are the best for walking. This is far and couldn’t be any further from the truth. Flat shoes are only good for one thing; working.  Doctors recommend going for a one and a half inch heels. The reason is simple. High heels compromise body alignment and make one susceptible to back pains.  They also change the center of gravity and exacerbate back pains. Mid heel shoes on the other hand makes body balancing easy. It supports your back and heels and allows you to walk for long without feeling tired. Keep in mind that not all soles are recommended.  Rubber will always remain as the best sole material. Avoid plastic shoe soles as much as possible.

Trendy and Stylish Walking Shoes

Brand is not just a name

Any fashion designer will tell you for free that the best stylish walking shoes are from brands like Propet shoes.  They take into consideration subtle but extremely important factors like arch types and different types of feet that people have. This is exactly the reason why you should choose shoes that are offered by trusted and reputable brands. Others consider brands that have been in existence for a considerable amount of time, while others decide to give those new names a try. Whatever your preference maybe, it would help to read about different reviews of several brands first before purchasing. Doing this will help you have an idea as to what kind of shoes they are offering and which one should be the best for you.

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Weight also matters

This is pretty much obvious. Good or rather stylish walking shoes should be light to make comfort possible.  They should also have gel pads that reduce impact each time your feet come in contact with the ground.


Knowing more about the toe box

You may not know it but the most comfortable stylish walking shoes feature toe box areas that give room for your toes to move while walking. A toe box that is not spacious and high enough can only aggravate hammertoes and bunions.

Ladies Comfortable Stylish Walking Shoes

Find out what your arch type is

This refers to how your tendons, ligaments and other muscles are aligned. They adapt differently each time you walk, depending on the kind of walking shoes you have on. You must therefore be keen enough to choose good stylish walking shoes that can easily accommodate your arch type, which can fall into any of the following categories:

  • Neutral arch
  • Low arch
  • High arch

Ask your shoe vendor for more info on how you can identify your arch type and the appropriate walking shoes that can complement them.

Substandard walking shoes can cost you your back. Take your time to find out more about your feet and the best walking shoes. This may not be a downhill task but in the end, you will be glad that you found stylish walking shoes that offer you more than just value for money.  Remember too that you will have to take good care of your walking shoes once you have them.

Factors That Make the Best Shoes for Walking

You have planned a trip with friends and you want to walk and just laugh. You have everything ready expect for one thing; your best shoes for walking. To that point, you are already headed for disaster and chances are, you will return home with swollen feet.  The reason is simple. When planning for a hike or anything that will force you to walk for long, you have to start with the best shoes for walking.  Fail to do this and wait for a disaster. Consider the following when looking for such shoes.

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Buying guide

  • Terrain

It is one thing to walk around the city, maybe for a charity event. It is yet another thing to walk for long on sandy and rough surfaces. For the latter, you will need shoes with strong soles that can take on mud, rocks and any other things you will have to step on while out there on your safari. For the former, you will only need light shoes with say, rubber soles that will make walking easy and comfortable. Your choice would all depend on the kind of surface where you would be walking on mostly. It is also safe to say that it is necessary to consider the purpose or reason why you are buying these shoes.

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  • The inner and outer soles

This is one area that people never take into consideration. Only a few brands such as Propet shoes have gotten it right so far. The best shoes for walking all day should have flexible inner and outer soles. They also need to have supporting heels that cannot expose you to overpronation. You won’t notice this if you are shopping online, so it is a wise idea to shop where you can fit your desired shoes. Consider the fact too that you may have to walk on slippery surfaces. That said, go for walking shoes with outer soles that won’t let you slip and fall.

  • Design and aeration

Sadly, this is another area that people hardly consider. The best walking shoes for women, as well as the best walking shoes for men should be designed in such as way that they allow air to circulate well inside them. Speaking of design, it is a good thing there are now a variety of styles and designs to choose from. The fact that they are walking shoes does not mean that you go for ordinary designs. With the wide array of options, you can always maintain your stylish and fashionable side while still considering all other essential factors.

A Brief Look On The Best Fashion Shoes For Walking All Day

  • Shoe interior

Unless your walking shoes allow air to circulate inside them well, never go for walking shoes with black interiors. The logic behind this simple rule is obvious. Black absorbs heat. This means that your feet will have to put up with high temperatures as you walk, something that will eventually cause them to swell.

  • Size

This is where you will have to consider shoes that are a few inches bigger than your normal size. This will allow your toes to move with ease and will also keep swelling at bay.  Just half an inch bigger than your normal size should suffice. When fitting, ensure that your thumb toe does not touch the furthest end or rather the tip of your shoe.

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Choosing the right walking shoes

Some walking shoes can stand on your way to fun. Don’t let this happen. Take time to look for the best shoes for walking that fit you well without having to sacrifice aesthetic values you can be proud of and that are comfortable. It all sounds hectic but that is the only price you will have to pay when shopping for the best shoes for walking.

Factors to Consider When Shopping For Baby Walking Shoes

Nothing comes close to that feeling of a newborn holding tightly to her mother or father’s thumb; then the crying and finally the first word, which is often ‘mama’. A few months later, tears of joy will fill your eyes as soon as your little angel takes on his or her first baby step. That’s when it will hit you that you need to shop for baby walking shoes.  Don’t let this take you by surprise.

Brown Baby Walking Shoes

In order for your precious little one to walk comfortably and easily, only the best walking shoes should be provided. Never underestimate the need for high quality and durability, especially when you know that it is your child’s safety that is actually at stake. You never want to experience having to worry about blisters and foot swelling just because you took the risk of buying low quality shoes. As they always say, every parent would normally want nothing but the best for their child.

The first step

There is a wide misconception that buying walking shoes for babies should be done some months before the baby is born. While there is nothing wrong with this, buying baby shoes at such an early time could be detrimental.  Thing is, your baby’s tender feet should be free until he or she takes his or her first steps.   Even then, your options will only be limited to walking shoes with light soles till your baby is ready to start walking outside.  That’s when you can consider hard bottom baby walking shoes.

White Hard Bottom Baby Walking Shoes

Slip Resistant Shoes

The last thing you will ever want to happen under your roof is your baby slipping on a slippery surface. This means that your choice of the best baby walking shoes should be a pair that boasts of slip resistant solesRubber stands out as the best material for slip resistant baby walking shoes.


This is one of the easiest factors to consider when shopping for your little angel’s shoes.  Take your baby with you to a baby shop. Then ensure that his or her little toe thumb does not come in contact with the tip of his or her shoe.

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Many mothers only consider colored attire and shoes for baby girls. This again is a misconception. Baby boys, just like baby girls are fascinated by colors.  At that tender age, all colors are super to them. Just don’t go for overly bright colors such as bright red or bright pink.


Go for baby walking shoes with cotton lining.  Popular brands like Propet shoes often boast of such interiors, so be sure to check them out.  Cotton lining will always keep your baby’s feet warm during winter and keep blisters at bay.  This should change as he or she grows up, so don’t stick to cotton lines shoes for long.

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You don’t have to spend so much because your baby will need new shoes after every two or three months. Either way, go for baby first walking shoes made of soft material. Keep away from plastic shoes at all costs. They will only expose your baby to blisters and redness. The best materials for baby walking shoes are denim and leather. It’s that simple.  Don’t worry about designs so much. You can choose lace up shoes or straps or just ensure that your baby’s shoe rack boasts of a wide array of baby walking shoe designs.

Babies, just like adults, need comfortable walking shoes. So when shopping for their shoes, comfort should be on top of the priority list.  Other factors like color and design should only come as an afterthought.

Simple Tips to Help You Find Good Walking Shoes

Knee and back problems have one thing in common; pain. They also have yet another thing in common; they can be attributed to the kind of walking shoes that people wear. That is why investing in good walking shoes is something that should be in everyone’s alley. It should not come as an afterthought the way it seems to be doing lately. So just what makes up a good pair of walking shoes?

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From the days of oxford shoes and funny shaped moccasin to the present day where stylish Propet shoes rule the fashion world, comfort stands out as one element you cannot ignore.  You simply cannot go a step or two if your shoes pinch or squeeze your feet unless you want to develop hammertoes.  The bottom line here is, take time to fit the shoes you want to buy.

Ensure that they are comfortable when you are walking in them and also while you are seated. Should you opt to buy at the comfort of your own home, then make sure that your preferred online store has reliable return policies. This would be very helpful if in case you want to return the shoes for some reasons. You can have them exchanged if you want something else.

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Note that design is one thing and aesthetic value is another. They only complement each other. Take your time to observe the archiles notch of the walking shoes you want to buy.  Do they stand on the way of your walking? Do they support your heels? What about the shoe sole? Do the outermost, middle and inner sole offer maximum comfort? Can you chance the inner and mid soles?

All these factors should be given an upper hand when selecting good walking shoes. Speaking of soles, do not be tempted at any given time to go for walking shoes with plastic soles. Then consider how slip resistant the sole is.

Cute and Good Stylish Walking Shoes

Air Circulation

This is where you have to be careful if you are buying good walking shoes that you will wear for your safari. The shoes must boast of cool interior lining that will keep off redness when you walk for long.  For this to happen, the shoes must be well ventilated even when completely laced up. Air circulating within the shoes as you walk will allow your feet to ‘breathe’. It will also save you from the inconvenience of removing your shoes after a few miles to allow your feet to breathe.  Most designer and casual shoes take this factor into consideration so be sure to consider popular designer brands when shopping for good walking shoes for travel.

Find Quality Good Walking Shoes


It is one thing to shop for walking shoes and yet another thing to shop for good walking shoes. The thin line that lies between these two exercises is a collection of the above mentioned factors. Of course other things like size, weight and even color of the walking shoes you wish to buy come into the picture. But like you may have already guessed, they are basic factors that one can consider without a hassle.

Perhaps the only other factor you may need to consider if you are buying walking shoes for the first time would be your feet type or rather how they are shaped. These should not trouble you so much as your shoe vendor can help your know more about your feet type and good stylish walking shoes for them. Take note that comfort does not really have to compromise with style. You can still look fashionable while wearing your favorite pair of walking shoes anytime, anywhere.