Classic and Unique Mary Jane Shoes for Women

Way back in the 20th Century, Brown Shoe Company, an American leather shoe company came up with the Mary Jane Shoes.  A decade later, no girl would attend school without a Mary Jane leather shoe.  It was the hallmark of a girl’s beauty; the kind of shoes whose popularity amongst young girls could only be compared to that of Propet shoes and Barbie Dolls. Ten decades later, the shoes have undergone a metamorphosis and transformed to something no one could foresee back then. Nothing much has changed only that the modern day Mary Jane shoe doesn’t just cater for the young girls. It also caters for her mother and her other elder friends.  In short there are now Mary Jane shoes for women in different sizes.

Buy Red Mary Jane Shoes For Women

What makes them unique?

The history of Mary Jane shoes is just amazing. The uniqueness actually lies with the history behind it.  There was actually a boy’s brand that accompanied Mary Jane shoes for women- Buster Brown. Speaking of brown and colors, today’s Mary Jane shoes come in a wide variety of colors such as:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White
  • Tan

Of all the above mentioned colors, black Mary Jane shoes for women are the most popular. This is mostly because most workplaces and schools require black shoes. Black is also an easy color to blend with other colors adored by women such as violet and pink.  On the other hand white Mary Jane shoes for women are not as popular and you may actually have to part with an extra dime or dollar for white Mary Jane shoes.

Then there are also red Mary Jane shoes for women. There is only one rule regarding them. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day offer on red Mary Jane shoes.  You could easily spot a great deal or a bargain on such occasion. Although black and white maybe the most popular colors, red is something that you should not take for granted either. Just be careful with what outfit you are going to wear with it. Make sure you are not overly dressed or anything of that sort.


Keen Mary Jane Shoes For Women


Mary Jane shoes boast of rounded toe boxes, straps and buckles. That’s not everything. Their designs are extremely versatile. That is why Mary Jane shoes for women can be worn with skirts pants and even with your favorite dresses.  There have been attempts in the past to add more flare to the simple design with embroidered straps and studs. Studs have been flops while embroidery on Mary Jane shoe straps have gone down really well with the shoes.  Of course you will have to pay more for such fancy designs. That will be however worth it as some embroidery feature extras such as manmade diamonds on the straps.  Some women wear these designs during special occasions.

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Care and maintenance

Mary Jane shoes are the easiest shoes to take care of. As long as you polish and wipe them regularly, they will last till your feet grow bigger. Just keep in mind that shoes of whatever kind and design should never be piled on top of other shoes. Then like you already know, avoid storing your Mary Jane shoes anywhere they can come in contact with the sun. These are the most basic tips when it comes to taking care of your shoes, but of course, you should also remember to read the label and ask the manufacturer for some extra guidelines they may provide.

Cute White Mary Jane Shoes For Women

You could be missing out on a lot if you don’t have Mary Jane shoes for women on your shoe rack. They are cheap, durable and can be worn to both formal and informal events.  Why not get your pair today?