Factors That Make the Best Shoes for Walking

You have planned a trip with friends and you want to walk and just laugh. You have everything ready expect for one thing; your best shoes for walking. To that point, you are already headed for disaster and chances are, you will return home with swollen feet.  The reason is simple. When planning for a hike or anything that will force you to walk for long, you have to start with the best shoes for walking.  Fail to do this and wait for a disaster. Consider the following when looking for such shoes.

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  • Terrain

It is one thing to walk around the city, maybe for a charity event. It is yet another thing to walk for long on sandy and rough surfaces. For the latter, you will need shoes with strong soles that can take on mud, rocks and any other things you will have to step on while out there on your safari. For the former, you will only need light shoes with say, rubber soles that will make walking easy and comfortable. Your choice would all depend on the kind of surface where you would be walking on mostly. It is also safe to say that it is necessary to consider the purpose or reason why you are buying these shoes.

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  • The inner and outer soles

This is one area that people never take into consideration. Only a few brands such as Propet shoes have gotten it right so far. The best shoes for walking all day should have flexible inner and outer soles. They also need to have supporting heels that cannot expose you to overpronation. You won’t notice this if you are shopping online, so it is a wise idea to shop where you can fit your desired shoes. Consider the fact too that you may have to walk on slippery surfaces. That said, go for walking shoes with outer soles that won’t let you slip and fall.

  • Design and aeration

Sadly, this is another area that people hardly consider. The best walking shoes for women, as well as the best walking shoes for men should be designed in such as way that they allow air to circulate well inside them. Speaking of design, it is a good thing there are now a variety of styles and designs to choose from. The fact that they are walking shoes does not mean that you go for ordinary designs. With the wide array of options, you can always maintain your stylish and fashionable side while still considering all other essential factors.

A Brief Look On The Best Fashion Shoes For Walking All Day

  • Shoe interior

Unless your walking shoes allow air to circulate inside them well, never go for walking shoes with black interiors. The logic behind this simple rule is obvious. Black absorbs heat. This means that your feet will have to put up with high temperatures as you walk, something that will eventually cause them to swell.

  • Size

This is where you will have to consider shoes that are a few inches bigger than your normal size. This will allow your toes to move with ease and will also keep swelling at bay.  Just half an inch bigger than your normal size should suffice. When fitting, ensure that your thumb toe does not touch the furthest end or rather the tip of your shoe.

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Choosing the right walking shoes

Some walking shoes can stand on your way to fun. Don’t let this happen. Take time to look for the best shoes for walking that fit you well without having to sacrifice aesthetic values you can be proud of and that are comfortable. It all sounds hectic but that is the only price you will have to pay when shopping for the best shoes for walking.