Different Types of Womens Oxford Shoes That You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The current fashion world is awash with a lot of women sporting oxford shoes.  Strangely, this trend is not new at all.  It traces its roots to the world of men’s footwear that rocked in the early 1920s to 1950s. The shoes were loved and are still loved for a reason; durability. There is also the fact that they blended aesthetic values with irresistible color variations that were popular back then; black and brown.

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Not much has changed since then, only that womens oxford shoes today are much more comfortable and stylish. But make no mistake about these oxford shoes for women because not all of them will bring out the best in you. You have to consider the different types of oxford shoes that will easily compliment your personality.



If you have ever come across wingtip oxford shoes for men, then you know how classic womens oxford shoes can be.  Classic women’s oxford shoes boast of neutral colors, low heels and sleek leather.   They are for women who have to put on classic pant suits to work or formal meeting and to distinguish themselves from the rest of the crowd. These shoes are elegant enough for smart women who wish to portray a business-like attitude.


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Spectator shoes

They mostly come in white and black varieties and are retro in style.  Although they are also available in other complimentary colors, black stands out as its strongest highlight. Their greatest asset is the fact that they work well with all types of dresses, pants and skirts. If you are looking for something that can go well with any kind of outfit or attire, you should definitely give this one a try.


Shine, glitter and metallic

They allow you to feel dressed up without feeling miserable or overdressed. Of all womens oxford shoes, they are the most affordable.  They are ideal for walking or for women who tend to stand for long at their workplaces.  They resemble womens saddle oxford shoes, so make no mistake when shopping for them. You can ask the store attendant to assist you so you can better know which is which.


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They are for the most daring women.  They bring back old days that have gone by as pomp and colors are uniquely featured, so wear them to informal gatherings where things crumble down to who was the best dressed.  Of all oxfords, fluorescents or Brights, as they are sometimes referred to, are the most delicate to sport. The secret here, though, is to find the right outfit that will match the shoes perfectly.



Studded oxfords bring about some form of mischief.  They are not the best womens leather oxford shoes but they are very popular among young adults. Just like fluorescents, they are the best womens oxford shoes for informal events or for those who want to go completely casual and comfy.

Vintage Saddle Oxford Shoes For Women

Which one is the best?

Unless you are young or you spend most of your time with young people, keep away from studded and fluorescent oxford shoes.  The other styles are fine as long as you wear them with outfits that complement them well. There is always no harm in trying.

Oxford shoes for women may sound old for some, but they are here to stay. They make undeniable fashion statements and great first impressions.  They are in the same league with Propet shoes and it does not end there. You can always have an easy time shopping for cheap womens oxford shoes.  They are available in different sizes, so you don’t have to worry if you are a size 9. You can and will always get your desired pair of oxford shoes.