Choosing The Best Italian Shoes For Men

Italian dress shoes for men is a tricky thing to choose. There are many scams involved in this product as people don’t understand the fine line of difference between Italian leather shoes and normal leather shoes. It is important to know on how to identify the difference and how to choose the best Italian shoes for men. It is an investment that needs time to get the perfect pair.

Dolce and Gabana Italian Shoes For Me

Time Tested Sites or Shops

Whether buying online or offline, goodwill matters a lot to businesses and consumers alike. It is better to go for a renowned or well known Italian shoe brand than going in for relatively unknown ones. Most sites that have been there for a couple of years and stores would have been selling footwear for around a decade are usually the ones who deal with high quality Italian shoes for men. It is better paying a few bucks extra for a thing which you can be sure is authentic rather than getting a deal which should be too good to be true for a scam.

Fashion Italian Leather Shoes For Men

Avoid Rubber Like Plague

Good dress shoes for men are usually made purely out of leather and don’t have rubber inclusions. The reason is rubber can cause blisters, can heat up pretty quickly and smell worse after a considerably long use. Italian leather shoes for men are the right choice as they are more user friendly and reliable. Most shoe brands selling dress shoes inform the buyer about the rubber inclusion. One should check that piece of information and make a choice. Leather being a relatively rarer product than rubber, is always going to cost more. However rubber, as with any other substitute, is of lower quality and will lack the required comfort and style which is there in an Italian leather dress shoe.

A Steel Buckle or 360 Degree Stitch

When one is spending around $150 on an average, it is always best to find a great deal. Italian shoes for men is all about making a style statement while keeping a formal or professional sense. Look out if the brand has steel buckles, better quality 360 degree stitch, or an arch support. Such additions, though they might increase the value of the shoe, are definitely worth the money. Some have superior quality leather even on the insides. This will mean greater comfort for the buyer and thus is always desirable addition if one can get it at a good price.

Luxury Italian Dress Shoes For Men

Look Out for Handmade Shoes

Handmade, or rather hand sewn Italian shoes for men are a rare commodity. Though available at a premium price, they offer the best craftsmanship available. No machine of today can stitch a shoe as good as one sewn by a hand of an expert. Thus it is always preferable to have hand sewn dress shoes if possible. The leather used in hand sewn dress shoes are even more superior in quality and offer the best Italian shoes for men that money can buy. However, to avoid being scammed into buying a fake shoe, check for the sewn True Italy label or tag which might help you out in the verification process. The authenticity of the logo can be checked by referring to the logo at their official site.

Buy The Best Italian Shoes For Men

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