Walking Shoes for Babies

When an infant starts taking his first steps of walking, he will try every moment he can to practice his balance and walking stance. While he concentrates on his walking steps, as parents you need to also assist him by providing the perfect walking shoes for babies. These babies will not stop at anything to discover their environment. It is easier for their feet to grip on the floor inside your house but when he goes out and about, they will need hard bottom walking shoes for babies to protect their feet from injury from walking on the ground.

Pink Walking Shoes For Babies

Finding the best walking shoes for babies can be a daunting task because of the many available options in the market. One of the best infant walking shoes is manufactured by Propet USA with their famous trademark shoes propet shoes. They specialize in walking shoes for all walks of life. They also make durable and quality walking shoes for men and women.

Cute Hard Bottom Walking Shoes For Babies

Tips in Shopping Infant Shoes

Shopping for the first walking shoes for babies can be both exciting and tiring because you need to find that perfect shoes that would help your baby in walking his first steps. Here are some simple tips when shopping for baby walking shoes:

  • Choose a light, breathable pair of shoes with soft leather or cloth material. Avoid synthetic plastics and stiff leather shoes because they can hinder foot development.
  • Bend the soles to test for flexibility and gripping. The shoes must have ridges to offer good traction. Avoid smooth and stiff soles because they can cause trips while the infant is walking.
  • Put on the walking shoes for babies on your child’s feet and measure the inside of the shoes by slipping your pinkie into the sides. Your pinkie finger should easily slip on as this signifies that there is room for growth.
  • Give it a squeeze while your child is still wearing it. If it is too tight, you won’t be able to grab the top of the shoe when it is made of cloth or fabric or squeeze it when it is made of leather.


Buy The Best Walking Shoes For Babies

  • Shop late in the afternoon because the feet swell at the end of the day. A well fit pair of shoes in the morning may feel tight at night.
  • Be aware of problem areas such as the big toes and little toe. They are more prone to blistering from friction of tight shoes. Just because it is new doesn’t mean it is okay to hurt the feet.
  • Laces versus Velcro. Shoe laces could take time to tie and can be annoying especially during hectic and hurried situations. Although it fastens the shoes securely, you will have to retie it again when it loosens up. Velcro tapes are easier to fasten but these babies are also quick to remove the Velcro making the shoes more vulnerable to getting off.


Walking shoes for babies can cost as much as $15 – $20 but there are more branded shoes that may cost a little more than the average brands available in the department stores.

Discover Quality First Walking Shoes For Babies

Your child’s first few years in infancy and childhood can be a determining factor on how he discovers the world as he tries to walk by his own. You would also want to protect your child from untoward accidents and injury while he tries to discover his environment. Walking is probably one of the milestones of childhood and being there for your child during this important moment is a memory to treasure forever. Although your child may soon be more active when he starts walking, the fulfillment as a parent will come especially when you have been there for your child from start and beyond.