A Complete Guide on How to Choose Dress Shoes

Shoes worn at formal events are also known as dress shoes. These shoes are used in the dance parties and for several other special occasions. The standard daily pair of mens dress shoes is either brown or black. White, burgundy and chestnut are some of the other commonly used colors. If you are currently searching for a pair or two of these shoes, you have come to the right place. Take a look at the things to be taken care of while purchasing these shoes.

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Materials used

The quality of shoes, whether it is mens or womens dress shoes, depends on the material from which they are made up of. Of course, you ideally want your shoes to be of high quality. Handmade shoes are made either from patent leather, calf leather, canvas, lizard or ostrich skin. If you are going for patent leather shoes, choose a silky finish in patent leather. Grain in leather and uniform dyeing will be the best choice. These are preferred because of their robust linings made of strong organic materials. These shoes are ultra comfortable, can absorb perspiration and are flexible.

Check for the heels

Do not forget to check the heels of the footwear. High standard shoes are made from leather stacked whereas the high heels of womens or girls dress shoes are made with a good grade plastic which may be covered either with fabrics or with leather. Men usually prefer flat shoes while women may go for high heels depending on their preference and purpose of wearing.

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Choosing a specific style or design

If you are fashion conscious then you should know that first class dress shoes are much better in design in comparison to other shoes. There are some shoes which display an ultra classic style and can be worn with any of the garments that you put on. The design of the shoes must reflect the tag of the brand that it carries. Classic designs are proven to be a timeless investment that anyone can wear on almost every occasion.

Always remember that there are some low-quality shoes which are imitations of high standard foot wears. You should be careful of these shoes if you do not want to compromise on quality. Low quality shoes can be easily found, these are cheaper and cannot match the quality of branded shoes. For shoes that you can wear on special occasions, it is highly advised to go for better quality so you can use the shoes for a longer period of time.

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Comfort level

The best quality shoes have a trademark – high comfort level. Low quality shoes are available at cheap rates but those who do not want to shell out more in buying high quality branded shoes have to bear with the inferior quality of these shoes. These shoes are often still, cannot absorb perspiration and uncomfortable. On the contrary, high quality shoes are ultra comfortable.


High quality shoes are most often handmade. These shoes are made meticulously. You would be able to see that the stitches of the shoes are not at all visible and are very fine.

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Final thought

Wearing comfortable and high quality dress shoes makes you feel great. If comfort is your top most priority then Propet shoes would be the best buy for you. These shoes provide you high levels of comfort and are available in different sizes. In long and short, if you had a hard time in purchasing just the right pair of shoes for yourself then look no further. Branded and high quality pair of dress shoes would be an excellent purchase if you want to get the best value for your money.