How to Buy Tennis Shoes for Women

If you are into rigorous sports such as tennis, you surely know how essential it is to wear and use accessories that can provide full support and comfort. Next to a good quality racquet, you will need a good pair of tennis shoes for women to ensure that you are in the right track as you enjoy this activity. Whether you are playing professionally, occasionally or just whenever you feel like it, it is crucial to learn how to select the best tennis shoes for women that you can use. Tennis requires careful body coordination as well as agility and physical stress, which is why it is very necessary to pick the right tennis shoes that can withstand all these conditions.

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Choosing the right tennis shoes for women

Tennis shoes are obviously different from other types of regular shoes so the selection should also be made different and more specific. Knowing the factors to consider will go a long way in ensuring that you are able to get only the best protection for your feet as your body endures this kind of sports.

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1.       What’s your style when playing?

In tennis, there can be a variety of play styles that every players use and you should be able to determine yours. The baseline style requires tennis shoes that have extra lateral support as this style will make you perform a lot of side to side motions. On the other hand, if you belong to the serve and volley players, your shoes should have a toe cap so your front foot will be more protected. Also, you can also request for customized tennis shoes for women should you have certain specifications that you want. This goes very well with right handed players.

2.       Know your foot type

In case you don’t know yet, there are certain foot types and it’s highly essential to be aware which category yours fall under. This factor will help you in determining how much cushioning and lateral support you need so your tennis shoes will be able to provide you with the most stability and safety. There are three basic foot types – supinated, pronated and neutral feet. You can ask the sales attendant if you do not know how to determine your foot type. Make sure you pick the appropriate slip on tennis shoes for women based on this category.

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3.       Measure your feet accordingly

Tennis shoes for women come in different sizes and you will need to carefully select the perfect size that will make your feet comfortable and protected. In most cases, one foot is bigger or larger than the other and it is advisable to buy a size that is close to the measurement of your biggest foot. You might also want to consider trying on a pair of tennis socks as you try on several pairs of shoes so you can easily tell if the shoes would feel comfortable and sturdy with socks on.

4.       Quality first

Quality should always be your top priority even when you are looking for cheap tennis shoes for women. Remember that paying less might sometimes means having to compromise with the quality and you definitely do not want that to happen. If you are want affordable tennis shoes, you can also check other alternatives such as a pair of propet shoes. These shoes are made from a variety of materials that are flexible, durable and comfortable, making them very ideal as tennis shoes. As for the materials, you can choose from canvas, EVA, leather, vinyl or polyurethane.

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In conclusion

If you want to enjoy this kind of activity without having to worry about getting involved in unexpected accidents, make sure you buy the right tennis shoes for women. If possible, buy only from reputable shoe stores and outlets so you are more exposed to various options.