How to Pick the Right High Top Shoes for Men

High top shoes for men have become very popular in the modern days. They come in wide range of colors, designs, materials and even ankle heights. This provides many options that can help create unique style and look when worn. Buying high quality top shoes for men is crucial so that they can last for long and give you the look you desire to have. Below are some different ways on how to pick them in order to get the one that will fit all your needs well.

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Know why you need the shoes

It is good to consider why you want the shoes. There are those you can buy for sporting or to attend to different occasions. Select the shoes that will offer you a high degree of cushion, flexibility and support for whatever the purpose you may have for wearing them. It is also good to consider the weight of the top shoes that you buy. Avoid buying some which may be heavy to the extent that they make you tire quickly when walking or dancing. Shoes such as propet shoes tend to be more comfortable and flexible and might fit your needs effectively. These shoes can be used for a variety of purposes, may it be running, walking hiking or even when going on a casual date with someone special.

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Get the correct width and size

Finding the right size of high top shoes for men is very crucial. You need to ensure that your feet are re-measured when making the purchase. Avoid using the previous measurements as this might make you to buy shoes that will not fit your feet well. Having the right width and size will help you be comfortable and have flexibility when wearing the shoes. This will also allow maximum breathability which is very critical especially when the shoes are worn for rigid activities.

Sizing the foot

You should have the shop attendant measure your foot as you shop for high top basketball shoes for men. There are shops that have Brannock devices available for you to use on your own. This is more important of you are shopping for the shoes online. This will help you order shoes with the right width and length from the online stores.

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Try on the shoes

It costs you nothing to try the shoes as you buy them. This will not only help you buy the right high top shoes for men, but can also save you time and cost involved in returning the shoes later after they fail to fit you well. Make sure that the feet are not sliding around in the shoes. It is also good to note that different companies make the shoes differently and even the individual pairs might have some slight differences. Make sure to refer to the company or brand’s size chart so you will know that you are getting the right one for you. Note that American, European and Asian sizes differ from one another so you also need to keep that in mind.

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Cost and Quality

It might be difficult to judge the quality of high top dress shoes for men in a shop. It is only after wearing for a while that you might realize the quality of the show you bought. However, to be guaranteed that you are buying shoes of high quality, buy it from a reputable shop, check to ensure that sewing is done evenly and neatly and that both shoes are uniform. There are many stores where you can buy cheap high top shoes for men that are of good quality. However, you need to do a thorough shopping in order to get the best deal.