Slip-ons and Flip Flops: Two of the Most Common Mens Summer Shoes

Unlike with women who have a wide selection of shoes, mens summer shoes collection could not get any narrower. From knee-high boots to 6-inch stilettos to ballet flats, women have endless variations for each season. Men, on the other hand, tend to stick to basic and classic styles, ones that have been recurring over the years. A great example of mens shoes for summer is the classic slip-ons that never seem to get out of style. No matter what style comes out every year, the classic slip-ons never get outdated and can be worn for several years.

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What you need to know about men’s slip-ons

  • They are not meant for suits. Mens summer shoes like slip-ons are not traditionally meant for suits with the exception of tuxedos which can be paired with patent leather formal slip-ons. Linen or casual cotton suits are also accepted to be worn with a pair of casual footwear.
  • For formal occasions, go for leather. Calfskin slip-ons are the perfect pair for dressiest occasions because they are the shiniest and the smoothest.
  • Use slip-ons as an accent for your entire outfit. The great thing about this mens casual summer shoes is that they can make your whole look appear more stylish. If you don’t want your slip-ons to look too casual, you can always opt for a leather pair.


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When looking for mens summer shoes, you can never go wrong with the classic men’s sandals and flip flops. These are perfect for a casual trip to the beach with your family and friends. Flip flops are considered style staple for men every summer. Don’t fall for other people’s statement that real men wear shoes. You don’t want sand inside your shoes after a walk down the beach, do you?

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What to remember when wearing your favorite flip flops

  • Clean your feet. This need not to be explained any further. No one wants to see dirty feet walking around. Do yourself a favor and get your feet cleaned up. You can even get a pedicure if you want. No need for polish, just have the nails scrub off any dirt.
  • Know when and where to wear them. These may be considered as mens summer dress shoes and they the perfect time to be wearing them is on the beach or the pool side. Wearing them on a date is another story. Even if you pair them with khaki pants and an expensive shirt, it’s still a big fashion no-no.
  • Do not wear flip flops to work. Not only this might violate your company’s dress code, remember that you go to work to get things done and it’s important that you earn the respect of your bosses and colleagues. This will be hard to do if you show up at work wearing flip flops.
  • Never wear socks with flip flops. Flip flops are not propet shoes, or just plain shoes for that matter. Prevent yourself being the laughingstock by avoiding this fashion mistake.
  • Buy a new pair regularly. Flip flops are not that expensive. Don’t wait for your pair to get worn out for several years before buying a new pair. Nothing is more unattractive than a guy wearing worn-out flip flops. Get a new pair at least a year, or if you’re meticulous, every six months or so.


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Buying summer shoes for men

With all these in mind, you now have at least a few ideas on how to wear mens summer shoes. These tips should be able to help you out when going on shopping and choosing the right shoes to wear during this season.