Finding the Perfect Leather Shoes for Men and How to Care for Them

There is no such thing as one pair of leather shoes for men if you’re a big fan of leather; after all, leather is best known for its durability and quality. It is for this reason why men tend to go look for leather shoes over a synthetic pair when they go shopping. Leather soles offer more resistant than non-leather soles, they are, however, more expensive.

Genuine Leather Dress Shoes For Men

This is why most men often invest in a single pair of leather shoes, not only because of its durability but also because leather shoes for men are more comfortable than your average shoes. Since getting a pair of leather shoes is not a cheap task, it’s important that you know what would be the perfect pair to buy.

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Different types of leather

  1. Calfskin – considered to be on the high-end types of leather shoes, calfskin is perfect for leather dress shoes for men. The leather is made of fine quality, but lies on the expensive racks. Of course for a fine quality, who wouldn’t mind spending a bit more?
  2. Pigskin – this belongs in the category of casual leather shoes for men. Far less expensive than calfskin leather, pigskin leather should not be ignored. They absorb dyes easily making it perfect for producing colorful leather shoes for men.
  3. Kidskin – this type of leather comes from the skin of young goats and they are more commonly known as suede, and are more widely used for women shoes.
  4. Exotic leather – if any of the above types of leather does not appeal to you, maybe leather from a diverse type of animals will do the trick. There are leather shoes made out of crocodile skin, snake skin, ostrich skin, and yes, shark skin.


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How to find the perfect pair of leather shoes

  • If you feel the shoes are too thin and seem weak, then they probably are. You want a strong pair, look for something that’s extremely durable and comfortable. Stay clear of shoes that might easily break.
  • The next parts to check are the soles. You need to find the soles to be well-stitched and don’t seem to be hastily stitched. Most Italian leather shoes for men fall under this category that is why they are one of the most famous leather shoes that most men look for.
  • You know the saying “if the shoe fits”, well here you have to take that literally. Find the perfect pair of leather shoes for men by trying on different sizes. Avoid getting a pair that’s a size too small or too big, if it’s a little rough it can still pass as most shoes adapt to your feet in time.


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Proper caring for your leather shoes

  • Before retiring your propet shoes, especially if you wore them for a long period of time, make sure that you meticulously shine them and get rid of any dirt.
  • Polish your shoes every now and then and keep them in a place where they are not likely to get wet.
  • In the event that they did get wet, it’s best to leave them alone and air-dried.
  • Some special types of leather shoes such as suede need special care. Products for classic types of leather shoes don’t specifically work on them and may do more damage than good.

With proper guidance and tips, you should be able to find the right pair of leather shoes that can meet all your requirements and preference. Keep in mind that shoes can be considered as a personal investment that anyone can have in their closet. If you can afford it, why not spend for several pairs that can surely be very useful on various outfits and occasions.